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TabaPay Lenders Fees
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Banks and state licensed lenders
Disburse a loan to a debit card. Collect a loan payment with a debit card. TabaPay processing fee from $0.25 per payment for lenders. APRs must be 36% or less.
Total fee paid per transaction is the TabaPay fee + interchange + network passthru fees​.
Total Fees=TabaPay fee
(lender APRs <36%)
+Interchange+Network passthru fees
Debit Card funding~0.18% + $0.495~0.65% + $0.45
capped at $2.25
$0.250.05% + $0.22~0.65% + $0.15
capped at $2.00
~0.13% + $0.025~$0.05
Debit Card disbursement~$0.35 + 0.10%
capped at $0.60
capped at $0.25
Other feesSee the detailed interchange and network passthru fee schedule

Exempt debit card funding interchange rates are for installment loan collection.​

Low cost payment routing
TabaPay routes payments to the least cost network
getting merchants low interchange rates,
specific to their business.​
Sample TabaPay savings
Sample interchange fee comparison for Exempt* debit cards:
Amount Collected
Exempt* debit interchange formulaInterchange fees
TabaPay* rates~0.65% + $0.15, capped at $2.95$0.80$2.10$2.95
Typical processors rates~1.80% + $0.15$1.95$4.65$9.15
Savings per Exempt* debit card transaction$1.15$2.55$6.20
Savings on 10,000 Exempt* debit card transactions$11,500$25,500$62,000

~   Fees shown with ~ are averages across networks for likely card mix. See specific fees by network.

*   The 2011 Durbin Amendment caps interchange fees for issuers with greater than $10B in assets (Regulated debit cards), otherwise an issuer’s debit card interchange fees are exempt from the fee cap (Exempt debit cards). A typical merchant's card mix has 60% Regulated and 40% Exempt debit cards.​

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