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Money Businesses
TabaPay Money Businesses Fees
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MSBs, brokerages, prepaid card programs and banks
Fund an account with a debit card. Transfer funds to a debit card. TabaPay processing fee from $0.25 per payment.**
Total fee paid per transaction is the TabaPay fee + interchange + network passthru fees​.
Total Fees=TabaPay fee
(banks and brokerages)*
+Interchange+Network passthru fees
Debit Card funding~0.18% + $0.495~0.65% + $0.45
capped at $0.85
$0.250.05% + $0.22~0.65% + $0.15
capped at $0.55
~0.13% + $0.025~$0.05
Debit Card disbursement~$0.35 + 0.10%
capped at $0.60
capped at $0.25
Other feesSee the detailed interchange and network passthru fee schedule

Exempt debit card funding interchange rates are for account loading.​
** MSBs may be subject to additional underwriting criteria and transaction fees.

Low cost payment routing
TabaPay routes payments to the least cost network
getting merchants low interchange rates,
specific to their business.​
Sample TabaPay savings
Amount Collected
Exempt* debit interchange formulaInterchange fees
TabaPay* rates~0.65% + $0.15, capped at $0.60$0.60$0.60$0.60
Typical processors rates~1.80% + $0.15$1.95$4.65$9.15
Savings per Exempt* debit card transaction$1.35$4.05$8.55
Savings on 10,000 Exempt* debit card transactions$13,500$40,500$85,500

~   Fees shown with ~ are averages across networks for likely card mix. See specific fees by network.

*   The 2011 Durbin Amendment caps interchange fees for issuers with greater than $10B in assets (Regulated debit cards), otherwise an issuer’s debit card interchange fees are exempt from the fee cap (Exempt debit cards). A typical merchant's card mix has 60% Regulated and 40% Exempt debit cards.​

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