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Rodney Robinson, CEO & Co-Founder.

Started and sold three companies, including two in financial technology, spanning a 33-year career. Key career innovations:

  • An early pioneer of Internet banking and bill-pay with first in world deployments while at IBM.
  • The first financial account aggregation and consumer initiated ACH transfers solution with Teknowledge. Sold division to Intuit in 2005.
  • Instant debit card disbursements with Omney. Sold the company to MasterCard in 2014.
Marvin, CTO & Co-Founder.

At the start of career, after spending over a decade at a Fortune 50 company, realized that always wanted to be Entrepreneur:

  • Omney, Inc. (and Accelerated Commerce Solutions Corporation), started in 2012 and sold to a Fortune 300 company in 2014, CTO & Co-Founder, Disbursements to Payment Cards
  • Financial Internet Solutions Corporation for 10 years, CEO and President, Consulting Services in the Financial Areas such as Banking, Brokerage, and HR
  • Sole Proprietorship for 20 years, Consultant
Manoj Verma, CRO & Co-Founder.

Over 20 years experience in the Financial Services and Consumer internet sectors:

  • Conceptualized and incubated the initial market fit and use cases that led to TabaPay’s funding while he was a Fin-Tech EIR at Crosslink Capital
  • At MasterCard built the West Coast Office focusing on BD & Partnerships in the Digital Sector
  • Career includes investment banking with Lehman Brothers and a BD and Corp Dev Executive at Amazon, Yahoo! and IAC
  • Manoj earned his MBA in Finance from Wharton School of Business
Rebecca Mengesha, Controller/Treasurer.

A career that spans 14 years in Finance/Accounting, the majority of which has been in the digital payments space:

  • Manages network, bank, and merchant settlement for millions of dollars daily for TabaPay.
  • Managed network, bank and merchant settlement as well as ran corporate finance for Omney, completing two annual audits.
  • Ran the accounting system for a licensed money transmitter, Obopay, including completing two financial audits and state regulatory exams.
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There and back again.
There and back again payments.

Our mission
Helping businesses grow thru debit cards.
Once upon a time...
In 2009, while delivering card to card money transfers, we were puzzled by the high debit card fees charged by our processor. In 2013, we provided card disbursement solutions to lenders, but the high debit card collection fees hurt adoption of our disbursement product. High fees due to perceived risk suppress the natural use of debit cards for industries dealing in money.

Cards for payments provide big benefits over ACH: (i) guaranteed payment on authorization vs. ACH returns days later (ii) address verification on a card (iii) instant posting to bank account when collecting or disbursing funds vs. hours or days with ACH (iv) consumers prefer their cards.

Washington was trying to help merchants.
In 2011 the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act sought to empower merchants when taking card payments by creating competition and regulating certain fees. Cards are secure, fast, eliminate ACH return problems/fees, and are preferred by customers for payment.
Is anybody listening?
Why don’t lenders and money service businesses use cards for all payments – paying installments, loading an account? Why don’t these businesses provide instant funds transfer to a card? High fees! The fees are stopping industries from providing great products. Nobody told merchant Processors about Durbin.TabaPay was founded to continue the payment evolution.
TabaPay is listening!
The card networks have unique pricing for your industry - aimed to increase card acceptance. Why shouldn’t your company benefit?Contact TabaPay to begin your journey.
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TabaPay Technology Overview
TabaPay API
A simple to use RESTful JSON Web Service API. Use the API to send transactions to a card:
  • Collect funds,
  • Disburse funds,
  • Reverse a payment,
  • Query a card, and
  • Optional Address verification.
The query command returns:
  • type of card (debit, credit, prepaid),
  • disbursements support,
  • fees, and
  • optional address verification.
And ACH debits and credits can be sent in the API or a file upload.
TabaPay card entry and token tools
Use our card entry tools to avoid (i) passing cards through your system and (ii) storing card numbers. Additionally receive a token to use for subsequent requests to the same card, either purchase or disburse. Put PCI DSS on our shoulders using these tools.
TabaPay processing
Our processing system routes the purchase to the least cost network for your industry or as you request. Disbursements can be prioritized based on best speed or lowest cost. Our daily reports allow you to reconcile the prior day activity. We provide an online tool to help you research current day transaction status, enter payments / disbursements, and download reports.
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